Vulcan Buildings

The Vulcan Buildings complex was erected in 1928. Designed by Holman, Moses and Watkins and built by Fletcher Construction, it featured shops on the ground floor, with offices of different size and caretaker's accommodation above.

Restored in the 1980s, it incorporates a mix of architectural styles. On one hand, it harks back to long-established styles: Stripped Classical and Baroque. On the other, it displays modernity - the Art Nouveau style that was popular in the period it was built. Its construction is a similar blend. It is formed from what was, in 1928, the latest technology: a reinforced concrete frame. Its detailing, though, is intended to suggest traditional brick or masonry.

Vulcan Building Chambers

Vulcan Building Chambers was formed in 2004, when four barristers came together to work from the fourth floor of Vulcan Buildings. Since 2004, it has expanded to take over the former caretaker's accommodation on the fifth floor. Seven barristers now operate from the Chambers.

The barristers aim to embody the characteristics of the Vulcan Buildings. They seek to offer their clients traditional values combined with modern thinking.

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